Hi there.

My name is Octavian Rosca.

I'm a 23 yo self taught product and interactions designer with over 6 years of experience. Born in Romania but have been happily living in Madrid, Spain for most of my life.

My journey began at 14 years old when I started messing around with photoshop and building HTML websites. This became very quickly one of my passions and decided to try my luck with design contests making logos and websites. With the years the passion became a full time job by entering a small startup called weeZeel, founded in Madrid. There I learned more about UI/UX and how to properly build digital products that felt and worked great.

Fast forward a few years and after more than 6 years of experience working with startups and freelance projects now I can confidently make decisions that will impact the products and the experience in meaningful ways. In all this time i’ve built a set of skills ranging from Interaction Design, User Experience, building Marketing visuals and Brand design. I feel confident working with Photoshop, Sketch, Figma, After Effects and reviewing and editing CSS code for front-end work.

In my personal time I've built a passion for travel photography and videography. I’d love to explore the world and the wonders hidden in plane sight. You can check my instagram page @tavitravels ;)

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me feel free to do so at hello@octavianrosca.com

Thanks a lot for taking the time!





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