Horbito NOVA

Creative & Lead Product Designer 


2018 - 2019


Windows & macOS

The promotional video was created in it's enterly by me in After Effects.
Check out the full promo video on youtube.

About the project

Horbito NOVA was a product which aspired to change the way we interact and work with the web. Bringing the windows and multitasking from a desktop experience to the web.

The challenge of this project was creating an UI/UX as pleasing and familiar as possible to manage and use webapps like they were native apps but on the cloud.

Disclaimer: All views expressed here are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the respective company.

My role

I was in charge of all major UI/UX deliverables such as the Design System, onboarding process and high fidelity designs on Sketch. 

As the sole designer, I had to work closely with the numerous teams and share-holders to revise and assure the correct implementation of the designs.

Also I worked closely with the Marketing team as the creative director for the visuals and promotional videos.


End-to-end prototype, high fidelity designs, onboarding process and creative director in Marketing campaign


Product design,
Front end (3),
Tech Lead,
Marketing (2)


Start screen of horbito NOVA.


Dock and launchpad UI with recent activity from webapps.

Have it all unified

One of the challanges was having centralized notifications from all your webapps, customizable taskbar and deep integrations to make the experience very immersive.


Smooth onboarding

We had 2 types of onboardings: One for the platform and making sure the transition from your current browser was frictionless. Users don't like to change what they're accustomed to.

The other one was to create a team and selling the product for more advanced users. Selecting, creating and paying one of the plans.


Creating first party apps

Of course there are countless designs of our first party apps and small UI interactions that I can't even cover in this case study but I'll give you a small taste of my designs in the image below.

(Download & Import Manager, Files, Teams Timeline, Chat, Vintage browser and the list goes on and on)


Final Thoughts

Horbito NOVA had high ambitions and a great product and team of which I'm very grateful. Was a project I've been part of for more than 6 years and where I learned most of my knowledge about product, interaction and graphic design as a whole.

Thanks Horbito ❤️

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